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What to expect from your first driving lesson

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Your very first lesson will be 2 hours long and i am able to collect you from your house/school/university/place of work/bus stop etc.

I will begin with driving you to a nice quiet area away from traffic and the main roads. During this time we will have a chat about driving in general, what you think it entails, any experience you may have and what you are expecting.

Once we arrive at our chosen place we will then swap seats. At this point I will check your driving licence and copy some details from it for my records. We will then talk about my paperwork and your progress records sheet.

Now it’s time to start your first lesson!

For around the first 45 minutes we will be talking about and trying out the different controls in the car to give you an understanding of not only how they work, but also what they do and why. All of our lessons are a conversation where I will as you how and why things happen but don’t worry, you do NOT need to know all the answers as that what I am here for.

Following this we will plan our first drive with moving off and stopping.

You will then (with my assistance if required) drive the car along the road and then stop a little further ahead. We will repeat this pattern until you are comfortable with the process, including steering round corners.

Next comes junctions, roundabouts, manoeuvres, country roads, town driving and dual carriageways with most first lessons ending with a conversation about junctions.

We will then swap seats and I will drive you back home.

The experience of learning to drive is different for everyone and my lessons will be tailored to your own individual needs and requirements.

Everybody learns at a different pace and we will move onto the next step as soon as I feel you are ready, so should you be a quick learner then we will move quickly through the syllabus but if you are nervous and it takes you a little longer then that is absolutely fine.

My aim is to teach you to drive in a safe and controlled manner which will enable you to pass your driving test and be a safe and confident driver for life!

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